Filament: Table with Complex Filters

Table with multiple filters on top: comma-separated text input, dropdowns, and their layout.


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How it works

The whole filter logic is in the ProductResource resource tables filters() method.

The layout option FiltersLayout::AboveContent is added to show filters above the table.

The filtersFormColumns() method is added to show filters in a grid.

For searching code and name, the form is used with a TextInput. The query for this search is custom.

Before making a query, the explode() PHP function is used so that a comma can separate search values, and the array_map() function with trim is used to remove empty values.

Here is the code of how the query looks like for the code search (for name, it's the same, just a different variable):

->query(function ($query, array $data) {
return $query->when($data['code'], function (Builder $query, int|string $codeInput) {
// ...
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