Filament: Sports Standings Tables by Group

Tables for the data of sports competition: tournament standings tables by groups.


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How it works

The main logic here lives in a custom page with a custom Livewire component that houses a Filament table:

  • We have created a simple Filament Page called "Groups Overview"
  • That page loads the initial groups and runs a foreach loop to display a Livewire component for each group
  • Livewire component loads details about the group and all the teams
  • It forms a Filament table and displays that table on the page
  • There is a modified database query to order our teams by the score they have (one win = 2 points, one loss = 1 point)
  • The table has quite a few custom column implementations that mutate the data to achieve the desired result
    • The Order column has a custom implementation that displays a badge for X amount of places (configured in the config file)
    • The Name column has a prefix that displays the team flag
    • The Matches Played column counts how many games were played in real time
    • Wins and Losses columns count how many games were won/lost in real-time
    • The Total Points column sums up the scored vs. missed points from the format X:Y in real-time
    • Points calculates points in real-time for display (this could be extracted to the database, but we kept it as an example!)
    • Badges uses a clever Blade injection to display Filament badges based on W or L per each game.

Here's what that looks like in our code:


use App\Models\Group;
use Filament\Pages\Page;
class GroupsOverview extends Page
protected static ?string $navigationIcon = 'heroicon-o-document-text';
protected static string $view = 'filament.pages.groups-overview';
protected function getViewData(): array
return [
// This adds the group data to our views
'groups' => Group::all()

Its view is quite simple:


@foreach($groups as $group)
// ...
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