Filament: Roles: Broker vs Investor in Single Panel

Sometimes, a system can have multiple roles. But how do we add a Registration form where a user selects his Role? And how do we hide/show resources based on that role?

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How it works

In the Panel Provider we enable registration and pass an action as our own custom registration page.


use App\Filament\Pages\Auth\Register;
class AdminPanelProvider extends PanelProvider
public function panel(Panel $panel): Panel
return $panel
// ...

The registration page must extend the registration page from the Filament. In the register page, we add a radio select field for the role and set the default role to the Broker.


use App\Models\Role;
use Filament\Forms\Form;
use Filament\Forms\Components\Radio;
use Filament\Forms\Components\Component;
use Filament\Pages\Auth\Register as BaseRegister;
class Register extends BaseRegister
public function form(Form $form): Form
return $form
// ....

We also have an example of how to do this using Multiple Panels

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