Filament: Kanban Board

Sometimes, the simplest solution to manage records can be a Kanban board. It lets users quickly drag and drop database entries between multiple statuses or people columns.

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How it works

To create the Kanban board, you have to make a custom page like this:

php artisan make:filament-page ManageClientStatus

Once this is done, we have to add the following code to it:


use App\Enums\ClientStatus;
use App\Models\Client;
use Filament\Notifications\Notification;
use Filament\Pages\Page;
use Illuminate\Support\Collection;
use Livewire\Attributes\On;
class ManageClientStatus extends Page
protected static ?string $navigationIcon = 'heroicon-o-document-text';
protected static string $view = 'filament.pages.manage-client-status';
public function changeRecordStatus($id, ClientStatus $status): void
$client = Client::find($id);
$client->status = $status;
$clientName = $client->name;
->title($clientName . ' Status Updated')
protected function getViewData(): array
// ...

This example is based on our Customer Management CRM

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