Filament: Show Empty Table Until Users Search/Filter Data

If you have too many records in a single table to show immediately, you can hide them until a filter/search is applied.

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How it works

Let's start by adding tabs functionality to the table. To do this, let's modify our ListOrders file:


// ...
public function getTabs(): array
return [
'all' => Tab::make(),
'completed' => Tab::make()
->modifyQueryUsing(fn(Builder $query) => $query->where('status', OrderStatus::Completed->value)),
'refunded' => Tab::make()
->modifyQueryUsing(fn(Builder $query) => $query->where('status', OrderStatus::Refunded->value)),
// ...

Once that is done, let's modify the OrderResource file to add the logic that will prevent the table from displaying any entries unless searched or filtered:


use Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Builder;
use App\Filament\Resources\OrderResource\Pages\ListOrders;
// ...
public static function table(Table $table): Table
return $table
->modifyQueryUsing(function (Builder $query, ListOrders $livewire) {
// ...
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