Filament: Dashboard Charts like Google Analytics

Demonstrates how to create widgets on dashboard, mimicking the behavior of Google Analytics.

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How it works

The main logic lives in two charts that we have created - VisitorsPerCountry and VisitorsChart:

  • Visitors chart simply takes the data and filters it by date range, then counts the visitors per day and returns the array of values.
  • Visitors chart also uses Filament recommended package flowframe/laravel-trend that's documented here
  • Visitors per country uses a custom widget with a custom display inside
    • This widget uses a custom Livewire component to display a chart that has real-time polling
    • Inside we also have a table with the data that's updated in real-time

All of this includes a clever usage of Filament charts/widgets and custom Livewire components. So here's how that looks in code:

Our first chart - VisitorsChart, which displays historical data:


// Our default filter is "year"
public ?string $filter = 'year';
// This chart is not interactive, so we don't need to poll it
protected static ?string $pollingInterval = null;
// We have a custom view for this chart
protected static string $view = 'filament.widgets.visitors-chart';
// Our custom view has a variable $totalVisitors, so we need to define it
public int $totalVisitors = 0;
// We have a dropdown filter, so we need to define the options
protected function getFilters(): ?array
return [
'year' => 'This year',
'week' => 'This week',
'month' => 'Last month',
'half_year' => 'Last 6 months',
// This sets the data for the chart
protected function getData(): array
// ...
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