Filament: Clusters: Account Settings with Sub-Navigation

This project demonstrates how to use the Clusters feature for the Filament panels.


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How it works

First, the cluster must be enabled in the panel's service provider by adding additional discoverClusters() method.

class AdminPanelProvider extends PanelProvider
public function panel(Panel $panel): Panel
return $panel
// ...
->discoverResources(in: app_path('Filament/Resources'), for: 'App\\Filament\\Resources')
->discoverPages(in: app_path('Filament/Pages'), for: 'App\\Filament\\Pages')
->discoverClusters(in: app_path('Filament/Clusters'), for: 'App\\Filament\\Clusters');

The cluster is created using an Artisan command and named AccountSettings.

php artisan make:filament-cluster AccountSettings

Three custom pages are created for the cluster using an Artisan command. During the custom page creation, the cluster's namespace is chosen.

php artisan make:filament-page ProfileSettings --type=custom
php artisan make:filament-page ChangePassword --type=custom
php artisan make:filament-page MyMembership --type=custom

Selecting clusters namespace while creating the custom page automatically sets...

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