Filament: Blog Post Form with Sidebar like WordPress

Form to create a post, similar to WordPress, with features like sidebar, auto-slug, auto-excerpt, and validating image upload in "live" mode.


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How it works

The form logic is in the PostResource.

The form is divided into two groups, which are shown on the left and right.

We are adding a button to generate excerpts from the content in the middle of the form.

We are using the official Filament plugin for the spatie Laravel-medialibrary package to upload an image.

For the slug generation, first, the live(onBlur: true) is used on the title field. The onBlue: true ensures that the server request won't be sent after every letter. The server request will be sent only when...

The FULL tutorial is available after the purchase: in the Readme file of the official repository you would get invited to.
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